What about tomorrow


Today is today.  It is only here for now.  What I do with it will have an effect on tomorrow.  I can use it or waste it.  It is not recoverable.  It I choose to waste it, it is gone.  If I choose to use it, there can be fruit.

King Solomon understood all too well what happens when you waste time.  Even good can be a waste if not for the right reason.  Today only works if things are in the right perspective.  Many people have worked hard all their lives and found that in the end they did not accomplish what they wanted.  Solomon called it vanity, emptiness, a wisp of vapor that is here and a second later gone.  Can today be successful?  Can we stop the vain emptiness of life?  Yes, but it must start with the why?  Why do this?  Why live?  If life is empty, why live? 

The answer lies in the God who made us.  You say, “I don’t believe in God?”  OK, do you believe in food?  Does it just materialize on your plate?  Does it have a beginning?  I can ask this question of many things: books, cars, trees, rain, you get the picture.  There is a beginning.  It starts somewhere or there is no reason for anything.

The only thing that gives meaning to life is if there is a why?  That why is God.  He created.  For what?  For us.  He gave us a reason for life.  He also gave us choice.  Relationship and love are not worth anything unless freely given.  We must choose.

Tomorrow is on my mind today, because today I bury a man who made tomorrow worth looking at.  Today, I start life knowing he is not there to answer questions, to have assurance that if I needed him I could call.  Today, I ask myself the question, am I willing to make today what He taught me to make it?  Am I willing to carry on what he instilled in me?

2 Timothy 2:2 says, And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others. He has entrusted in me.  He has seen me as reliable.  Will I carry on what he planted in me?

That is the question for today.  How I answer will change tomorrow.