Be What? Part 3

I was broken and my spirit was destroyed by this world.  Jesus changed all that by living, dying and be resurrected for me.  I am now in His kingdom.  When I saw that it broke my heart and I surrendered my life to him.  He through Holy Spirit brought comfort to me.  I then chose to follow Him and His life was my life (meekness).  All that was His was now mine.  All I wanted was to be like my Father.  I wanted to know all about Him and live for Him.  He filled me with all of Him.  He showed me mercy that I didn’t deserve and I wanted everyone else to know this mercy.  I treated them like He treated me.  As I walked with Him, my heart changed (He gave me a new heart at the start of our life together). Guest what?  I began to see God as He truly was.  WOW!!  I stopped trying to be right.  I wanted everyone to see what I saw.  I worked to bring peace to everyone, like I know the peace of God.  People started looking at me differently and said I acted like my Father.  Some people just didn’t understand.  They didn’t like the new me.  The were ugly to me. The said bad things about me to others, untrue things.  They tried to tear down the good things I was doing.  That’s OK.  My joy and gladness is not in my success in life.  My joy and gladness is in Him.  I don’t need to know you like me or not.  He likes me.  That’s all that matters.  I’m not special.  The world treated God servants previously just like they are treating me.  Matthew 5:1-12 Simmons Version