I’m in a Hurry

I’m in a Hurry

I needed some cash one morning, so I decided to drive to the bank.  It was early and I’m still in my pajamas, no bath, hadn’t had time to shave.  If someone was to see me, they would probably think I am dressed for Halloween.  I’m just going to get in the car, straight to the ATM and back home, right?  Piece of cake!

Murphy is my best friend.  I get to the bank and the ATM is down.  It’s a little after 9 and the inside is open.  Do I go in or do I go back home and make myself presentable?  Ever been in this situation?  What did you do?

We are this way with God.  We prefer to go to the Spiritual ATM.  Have a need?  Need to pray?  It goes like this, “Excuse me, God?  I have a small problem.  My rent is due and I really could really use my tax return money today.  Could it show up today in my bank account?  I really would appreciate it!  Amen.”  Whew, that wasn’t too bad.

Didn’t even have to get dressed up for that.  Well, God has other plans.  He likes the inside of the bank.  When we go inside to the teller or one of the officers, we know that there will be small talk.  “Good morning!  How may I help you today?  How is your day going?  Would you like that in tens or twenties?  “Listen, lady, I’m kinda in a hurry.  Just need some cash. The answer to your questions.  Fine.  Great.  Can I have my money please????

The other reason we don’t like to go inside is we don’t want to get cleaned up.  Why go through all that trouble when I can do the ATM think and done?

What we think is wrong with the inside and why does God like it so much?  “My faith is private.  It is no one’s business by mine.”  Not even God’s?  We don’t like the clean up part.  We have this notion that we have to get cleaned up to talk to God.  “Let me confess all my sin, get my act together so I can get what I want.”  We want to get it and go.

God is more concerned about us than our needs.  That doesn’t mean He will not give us what we need, but we come first.  He wants to know first about how we are doing.  He wants a relationship with us.  How well does your relationship go if you only talk to people when you want something?  “Hi, can I borrow five dollars?  No time now.  Call you later.”  We feel used in those types of relationship.  So does God.

We have been fooled to believe that we have to get our act together before we can talk to God.  The church hasn’t helped any here.  We are probably the main reason people think this is true.  I can hear it.  “You need to get right with God!”  Well, the truth is you can’t.  We don’t fix ourselves.  He is the fixer.  We come to him.  Next time your car breaks down, fix it and take it to the mechanic and pay him.  He will love it.

Bottom line.  God wants to get to know us.  Not the “fixed up” version.  He wants you just like you are.  So the next time you need something from God, try just having a conversation.  This only works when you give Him a chance.  It might be a little scary.  First meetings usually are.  It’s what He wants.  Give it a try.