Our Vision

Jesus came to serve and give His life for others.  We are a family of loving people who want to offer the same to our community.  We want everyone to know the love of Jesus that we experience.

Our Values

Worship & Study

God deserves our worship for all He has done for us.  We experience worship through song, study of the Bible and serving others.

Evangelism & Outreach

We are constantly looking for ways to serve our community so we can tell them of the love of Jesus.  Through serving we show our community that they are important to us just as they are important to God.

Missions & Sending

Since our inception we have been a church involved in mission.  We support ministries in our local area, state, nation and around the world.  Through the years many have gone out from our family who are now serving to spread God’s love.

Our Beliefs


Jesus is God.  He laid aside his Godliness, came to earth to live a perfect life.  He took our wrongs and paid with His life so we can spend eternity with Him.  This life begins here and culminates with Him in eternity.

The Bible

God gave us a love letter so we could understand how much He loves us.  In this letter we understand all He has done for us and through the example of Jesus we learn to share this love with others.  It is not a book of laws, but instructions on how to show our love for Him just like He has shown His love for us


The Holy Spirit

When Jesus was here with us on earth, He developed a relationship with a group of followers.  When the time came for Him to leave this earth, He left Holy Spirit to be with us. Jesus’ Spirit can live with all of us.  When we accept a relationship with Jesus, Holy Spirit comes and lives with us and teaches us about Jesus.

The Trinity

God reveals Himself to us in three forms.  He is our Father, creator of the universe. He came to earth as God’s son in human form to rescue us from sin.  He now lives with us who have accepted the forgiveness offered by His Son through the Holy Spirit.


This is our communication with God.  He talks to us through the Holy Spirit, His word, The Bible, and through our relationship with others.  We tell him how much He means to us, about our life and our needs. Through prayer, we grow our relationship with Him


Salvation is accepting the gift Jesus secured for us through giving His life for our wrongs.  We messed up. He fixed it for us and took our punishment. Through salvation we have a relationship that grows beginning now and through eternity.

Our Team


Dale simmons



Linda Sanders

Worship Leader

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ServIce Times

Sunday School @ 9:45am
Sunday Morning Worship @ 11:00am
Sunday Evening Worship @ 6:00pm
Wednesday Bible Study @ 6:00pm

Contact Information

(912) 964-6864
62 Smith Avenue
Garden City, GA 31408