072520 Focus

Remember trying to learn to ride a bike.  Whoever was teaching you would say, “Focus!”  While you are trying to focus, you hear this, “Watch out for that car!  Don’t run up on the grass!  Look out for the mailbox!”

How am I supposed to focus?  Doesn’t that mean to concentrate on one thing?  You say focus and then all this other stuff.  “Make up my mind!”

We make a conscious effort to make our lives better.  We say we are going to focus on our family.  Then work calls and needs us to come back in or work overtime.  We decide to focus on our health.  We are going to eat better.  Then we stay so busy, there isn’t time for that.  There is a banquet at work.  It’s the holidays. 

Why is it that when we want to focus that things get in the way?  In a world in which we say we have no need of God, we are susceptible to the world.  The world calls the shots.  Whoever is in control makes the decisions.  We think it is us, but the truth is we follow what makes life easier.

In Psalm 91, God makes this statement.  “For he will rescue you from every trap and protect you from deadly disease.  4He will cover you with his feathers.  He will shelter you with his wings.

Notice something in this statement.  It doesn’t say God will keep us from the trap or keep us from the deadly disease.  It says He will rescue us from it.  Another translation says God will deliver us.  To be delivered, we must have gotten caught.  Maybe we did it to ourselves or maybe it is just life.  Either way, God promises to deliver us.

We also need to remember this world is controlled by the enemy of God.  He is also our enemy.  He does not want us to succeed.  His name is Satan (the deceiver).  He is interested only in taking our focus away.  We decide to concentrate on something, and something happens to distract us.

So, how did you lean to ride that bike?  You had to refuse to let the distractions get in the way.  The same is true in our trusting God.  When the distractions come, no matter what we have chosen to focus on, God is there.  You can run around like Mikey on “Home Alone” or you can run to the safe place.  The storm, distractions, issues in life, or what ever that may be, do not go away, but like being held or holding one of your children, there is refuge and safety in God’s arms.

God is my safe place.  Make Him yours!